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Multiple Sclerosis – Initial Signs

Multiple Sclerosis is an inflammatory disease of the central nervous system that consists of the brain and spinal cord. It is also called "white matter" tissue disease. The white substance consists of nerve fibers that are responsible for the transmission of...

Associating Back Pain and Multiple Sclerosis

The disease is complication, yet it cause back pain. According to Pathophysiology views, the scatters of demyelinization will start affecting the brain, as well as the spinal cord. Once it affects these areas degeneration starts targeting the myelin sheath (Nerves that insulates the layers of cells) and causes a string of patches of sclerotic tissues. The patches impair the conduction, which reaches the “motor nerve impulses.”

Acute Edema and Back Pain

Back pain is caused from a variety of problems including “Acute Pulmonary Edema.” Edema builds up abnormal and excessive fluids that cause serious actions to the tissue cells. What happens is similar to over watering plants. The plant will swell and gradually wither away.

The Road to Nowhere

Its not about what others think of You, Its all about what you think about Yourself. Most anxiety attacks happen because of a fear of what others think about you and your performance. Always remember, The others never walk with you in your road. The road to success is all about how you walk till the end and not about what others talk while you walk. Walk alone/Walk with team , it does not matter, Just walk and do not care about what others think of you. If you are having tension headaches due to anxiety / panic attack, Always contact a chiropractor.

Can I do my own chiropractic care at home?

Many of my customers are asking this question frequently "Can I do my own chiropractic care at home?" My simple answer is "NO" . No, you shouldn’t. Many mistakenly believe that since chiropractic care involves using the hands, it can be done at home. Yes, manual...

What is Chiropractic?

The philosophy of chiropractic medicine believes that skeletal imbalance and joint malfunction, particularly in the area of the spine, can cause pain and other problems.

Indicators in Back Pain

Back pain usually begins with signs or indicators. For example, if your back hurts once and stops, and then starts again, you received your indicator at the beginning. In short, the first time your back began to hurt is the signal. You want to point out when the first...


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